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I took Martha's course for professional and personal reasons. As an educator, it was some of the best PD I have done. It put to rest a lot of myths about structured literacy. It was scientific but child centred. It was structured but encouraged exploration and inquiry. There wasn't a workbook in sight but there were lots of practical home-made, hands-on games and activities that made learning effective and fun. As a successful adult Dyslexic, I learned things about how I learn that I had never seen clearly before. Martha is a dynamic and sympathetic presenter who guides with grace and humour. 

Elizabeth Albrecht-Bisset

Vice Principal

William J. McCordic School

February, 2020

"Martha Kovack's OG/Structured Literacy Course for educators was very informative and engaging!  As a new educator I was eager to learn about these approaches, and had many questions. Martha was an excellent instructor. She was able to answer all questions asked, and delivered the course in an interesting format. I truly enjoyed the course, which covered a broad range of tips/advice - not just a focus on slides. We received resources that made the OG/SL approach clear, allowing me to follow along easily. The strategies were easy to integrate into my practice. After finishing the course, I felt prepared enough to begin to use this approach with my students."    Melissa Vanzant, OCT, HBA/B.Sc., BEd, MEd

Primary/Junior teacher and tutor

May, 2020

Thank you Martha for your in-depth discussions, varied examples, and expertise. You made the training less intimidating and shared your experiences on strategies that work with students. I feel going forward I still have more to learn. One has to make it their own. I will use games, humour, and keep the lessons as safe as possible. Students have to have 95% success. Thank you again Martha! 

Kindest regards,

Lee Bird, OCT, BFA, B.Ed.

Primary Teacher,

Whale Cove, Nunavut


"I just want to say thank-you so much again for this training!! It helped me fill in gaps in my learning, and develop more effective lessons for my students. I appreciate your enthusiasm for the science of reading and your openness to all questions. You create a positive and welcoming learning environment, and I think all educators will benefit from your expertise!" 

Pamela Robinson, OCT, B.Sc., B.Ed.

Founder, Access Learning

March, 2020

"... this course was eye opening with regards to how language works, how our brains decode and the huge benefits of a structured and systematic approach to introducing it. It gave me a new understanding and appreciation for this complex topic as well as practical tools to help Justin learn to read. The demonstration videos really helped to illustrate topics and the activities were varied and easy to reproduce."

Trina Rowe, MSC (OT)

Occupational Therapist

Parent of child with dyslexia

May, 2020

"Just wanted to pass along that I thoroughly enjoyed your course and it has provided a great base for the course I am taking now. It also piqued my interest! Your introduction gave me a head start and strong basis for the lessons provided in this course. I would highly recommend it." 

Carolyn Robeson

Speech Pathologist


April, 2020

Hi Martha. Now that the dust has settled and I have had some time to reflect, I am beyond grateful that I discovered your training. 

You gently guided me along while opening my eyes to the abundance of research that challenges everything I ever knew about teaching my students to read. You offered the perfect balance of research to support the work along with many different practical suggestions to use within my program right away. You created a safe atmosphere where I could openly reflect on my learning without ever feeling judged or criticized. Your sessions and homework tasks were engaging and reflective of our needs and questions. The sessions felt highly productive with numerous opporunties to see the various elements and practice them ourselves. You left us with ample resrources to keep the learning going. Although I am just at the beginning, your passion has been inspiring and led to other upcoming coursework opportunities. Sincerest thanks!

Julie Sandhar

Teacher, York Academy Care and Treatment Program, York Hills Centre for Children, Youth and Families

Richmond Hill, ON (May 2021)

"I highly recommend Martha Kovack's Intro to OG/Structured Literacy course! Martha skillfully dispelled the myths of past educational practice and laid out the key concepts gleaned from scientific research into the process of learning to read. She guided us through the framework of Structured Literacy and on to the practical application of working with students. I very much appreciated Martha's friendly, collegial manner and her willingness to listen to participants, tailoring sessions to meet our needs. This course with Martha is the best place to begin your journey to understanding Structured Literacy!
Diane Hammond
Retired curriculum consultant & grandparent of child with dyslexia 

July, 2020


CLICK HERE to read the story of Joe and Ms. Kovack

"Your course was great! Exactly what I needed to help sort through my experience based knowledge and all the SOR information out there right now. Just hearing you explain and practically apply some of the terminology was all I really needed to be able to process all the great info that’s out there online."                                   Margie Riddell, B.A., B.Ed., OCT

Early Years Program Facilitator

Fall, 2020

Kovack, M. (2022). Structured Literacy Success. Retrieved from

In just over 18 months, this 11 year old non-reader went from feeling deeply distressed to being able to read at grade level with ease, speed & fluency. His mother noted that structured literacy lessons with me had been "truly transformational for him".

Kovack, M. (2022). More Structured Literacy Success. Retrieved from 

In just over 40 lessons, this 13 year old felt that school (and anything to do with reading or writing) was "torture" to the point of refusing to attend school. He says that reading is now "easy peasy", and school is "a million times better". His mother noted that she "cannot tell [me] how long it's been since [she] saw him have that much fun with friends". 

Hi Martha,


I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your presentation last night to the ECEs and Kindie teachers. I was lucky enough to be able to join in and I always learn something new and valuable listening to you. I always wanted to say that one of the most important things you taught me last year when I took your course was to pause and give students time to process and respond (you also mentioned this last night). I've been complimented many times over the last year from parents who have listened in on my tutoring or teaching sessions and said thank you for giving my kid the extra time to think and reply. Sometimes that's all they need and it's such an obvious but priceless piece of advice that I use every day when talking to kids (and adults!). Thanks again and I look forward to future Sound Readers Power Hour meetings.

Emily Tucci (nee Chicorli), OCT, B.A., B.Ed.
Access Learning Structured Literacy Tutor

Winter 2021

Kovack, M. (2022). More Structured Literacy Success. Retrieved from

And here is another student describing what it felt like to be taught to read using the 3-cueing system. With profound dyslexia, she did not have the opportunity to learn about the structure of English using systematic and explicit approaches that would have helped her. Instead, she was taught that you just "look at the word and know what it says". 

Hi Martha,


I just wanted to say that I loved your course that I recently took about Structured Literacy. During both sessions you made the lessons so engaging and worked with all of us to teach us how to use it in our classrooms. I can't believe how valuable this course has already been. I was able to use the PAST test on my entire class to see where they are at and understand their next steps. I was then able to use this information and let parents know during conferences what their child's next step is with phonological awareness. I can't wait to do more training with you as I feel like I could listen and learn from you all day, you are truly a wealth of knowledge and I am so thankful that you are willing to share your knowledge with others so we can help more kids who are struggling.

Katie Cook, OCT, BA, BEd

Kindergarten Teacher

Bradford, ON

Spring 2021

Structured Literacy Makes a Difference!

This Grade 5 student shares his thoughts and feelings about his struggles in school before and after Structured Literacy lessons. The difference that this makes in a child's life can change their whole attitude and trajectory in life. Two years after the Ontario Human Rights "Right to Read" inquiry recommendations, I am genuinely feeling hopeful (because I am seeing and hearing about so many changes in the general classroom at the K-2 level!) that fewer grade 4, 5, 6, 7, etc... students will have to go through years of feeling like they are failing.

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