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Professional Development

Contact Martha for Structured Literacy Training, Courses/Coaching/Consultations


Martha provides structured literacy training designed for administrators, consultants, teachers, and/or tutors.

  • Courses are provided LIVE Online

  • Contact Martha for more information about professional development

Curious about Strategies for Implementing Structured Literacy in Primary Classrooms?

(hosted by the Ontario International Dyslexia Association)

(gets started at min. 2)

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Curious about How to Organize Games for Decoding and Spelling Literacy Centres?

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Click on these six videos to help you get started!

Professional Development Content:
Most of this is integrated, but these are the main topics covered in the 9-hour course)

  • The Science of Reading

  • The Simple View of Reading, Scarborough's Reading Rope, and other frameworks

  • Language Comprehension (vs Reading Comprehension)

  • The critical role of Knowledge Building

  • Overview of Language Comprehension, Phonology, Orthography, and Morphology

  • Word Recognition and Orthographic mapping - what works? what doesn't?

  • Overview of Dyslexia & DLD, and differences in brain structure and function

  • Phonology

  • Culturally responsive challenges with phonology

  • Phonemic Awareness Assessments

  • The alphabet as a whole

  • Mastering sound-letter connections through visual/auditory/kinesthetic/tactile tracing & printing

  • Orthography

  • Short vowel confusion and how to differentiate short vowels

  • Blending cvc words automatically & effortlessly

  • 6 types of syllables and syllable division

  • Wild Words (words that do not follow the rules)

  • 3 Main Spelling Rules

  • Scopes and sequences & decodable text to match

  • Parts of a Foundational Word Reading Lesson Plan

  • Activities/games for Introducing new spelling patterns

  • Simultaneous Oral Spelling (SOS) (printing words)

  • Writing at the sentence level

  • Decodable/Controlled text

  • Reading Comprehension (moving from skills to building knowledge)

  • Routines, scripts, & timing for small and large group lessons

  • Teaching all of this online

  • Morphology

  • Multi-linguistic strategies for integrating phonology, orthography, morphology, and language comprehension

  • Fluency - the bridge to reading comprehension

  • Oral Reading Fluency Assessments

  • Vocabulary building

  • Knowledge-Based approach to Writing

  • Special concerns for students with dyslexia and DLD

  • Resources, blogs, books, researchers, training, programs, and organizations to support the rest of your learning journey!

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Click to view the Powerpoint for more information about the online Intro to OG/Structured Literacy course, Zoom, and what to bring/prepare.

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