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Martha Kovack, MEd, OCT, is the founder, president, and CEO of Sound Readers.


After teaching K-3 and special education in Canadian classrooms, Martha became passionate about finding ways to improve the lives of those who are held back by their struggles with learning to read and spell. She spent the rest of her career studying literacy research and testing out what she was learning in her practice. She eventually became an early literacy specialist with the Ontario early years system, and studied to become certified in Orton-Gillingham and structured literacy approaches to beginning reading instruction.


Martha developed Sound Readers® so that she could share what she has learned with educators and families by providing them with the training and tools to make learning to read easier, more efficient, and fun! 


She created and produced the first set of Crazy Cards back in 1998, and after selling over 35 000 thousand decks of cards since, they are still students' (and teachers'!) favourite literacy game!


Martha continues to attend conferences, take courses, study research, and participate in conversations with leading reading researchers around the world to make sure that she stays current with what works.


Martha also currently teaches Language Arts for the Early Childhood Education program at Georgian College in Ontario, Canada.

Martha with her Sound Readers Crazy Cards graphic designer Janet Tonello  (Lakeside Graphics) at the Word on the Street literacy festival in Toronto in 2000.


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