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Professional Development with Martha Kovack, MEd

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Kovack, M. (2022). Structured Literacy Success. Retrieved from

In just over 18 months, this 11 year old non-reader went from feeling deeply distressed to being able to read at grade level with ease, speed & fluency. His mother noted that structured literacy lessons with me had been "truly transformational for him".

Kovack, M. (2022). More Structured Literacy Success. Retrieved from 

In just over 40 lessons, this 13 year old felt that school (and anything to do with reading or writing) was "torture" to the point of refusing to attend school. He says that reading is now "easy peasy", and school is "a million times better". His mother noted that she "cannot tell [me] how long it's been since [she] saw him have that much fun with friends". 

Kovack, M. (2022). More Structured Literacy Success. Retrieved from

And here is another student describing what it felt like to be taught to read using the 3-cueing system. With profound dyslexia, she did not have the opportunity to learn about the structure of English using systematic and explicit approaches that would have helped her. Instead, she was taught that you just "look at the word and know what it says". 

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