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Need some help with lesson planning? Let Crazy Cards do the work for you! Played just like Crazy 8's or Uno, only with words, these card games will keep your students ON TASK for a long time - they do not even know they are learning! Great idea for a weekly centre activity (we get to play Crazy Cards on Fridays!!), or you can use these cards for card sorts (another centre activity), or for lesson planning for word and sentence study. FUN!!


Contains 52 word cards, 7 wild cards, and 4 miss your turn cards.


This box of 5 decks of cards help children learn to read words that contain all of the SHORT VOWEL spelling patterns in the English language (short a, e, i, o, u). ​ Children who struggle with reading LOVE THESE GAMES! Great for diverse learners (students with dyslexia and English language learners). 


SAVE 25% when you purchase all 3 ORIGINAL Sets! (Crazy Shorts, Crazy Longs, and Crazy Mores)

ORIGINAL Crazy Shorts Set of 5 Card Games

SKU: SR100
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